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Democrats Want This Republican To Run In 2024

This has to be a joke.

In a shocking turn of events, Democrats are now begging former Republican Vice President Mike Pence to now run for president in 2024!

As many of you already know, former President Donald Trump had a falling out with Pence and conservatives across America have since dropped their support for Pence.

Now, according to The Hill, Richard Weisberg, who served in the Obama Administration, wrote an op-ed asking Pence to run in 2024.

From Weisberg’s piece: If any or all of these scenarios ring true, Pence is going to do the right thing early in 2022 by announcing his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, emphasizing that his party needs to get rid of Trump and campaigning immediately to restore Republicans to sanity.

He then claimed that Pence single handedly kept things under control during the January 6th Capitol protest and even claimed that Benjamin Franklin would nominate Pence to be the “Man of the Year” if he could.

Polling data shows that former President Trump has a large lead compared to others when it came to the Republican nominee for 2024.