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Front-Runners Of 2024 Presidential Nomination

Here’s who is in the race!

Former President Donald Trump has just entered 2022 as the clear leader for the Republican nomination in 2024 and Democrats know it.

According to Fox News, 2024 presidential candidates only have a little more than 10 months left before they can begin to campaign for the presidential election and Trump already has most of the Republican voter base on his side ready to cast their votes.

In a recent poll taken from Reuters/Ipsos, it was reported that 54% of Republicans said that they will support Donald Trump in 2024.

While this is just a prediction, it is clear that many liberals and independents are not happy with how President Biden has ran the country. It would be illogical for many voters especially independents to give their support once again to Biden in 2024.

While it is clear that former President Donald Trump is the leader heading into the presidential election, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came in second place with 11% support and former Vice President Mike Pence came third with 8% support.

When it comes to the GOP nomination it’s safe to say that Trump “takes the cake” and will likely be chosen. Sadly, Democrats know this which is why the Jan. 6. committee is working overtime to figure out a way to disqualify Trump.