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DeSantis Accused Of Cheating


Democrats will do anything.

In a disgusting new move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was attacked by CNN political commentator Ana Navarro who outrageously claimed that he was “gaming the system” which is why he won the governors race in Florida.

In transcript provided by Fox, Navarro smeared DeSantis and said, “I’ve been dying to talk about Florida and I think it’s being completely misread. I think the narrative is all wrong.”

Navarro added, “I told you he was going to win bigly, but listen, Ron DeSantis barely won in 2018 by 35,000 votes by the skin of his teeth against a Black, progressive, little-known mayor from Tallahassee, Florida. Yesterday, he won by 20 percentage points, Why? Because he gamed the system.


Navarro then accused DeSantis of creating an uneven playing field which helped him easily defeat his Democrat opponent Charlie Crist.

She added, “Because he turned Florida into an unlevel playing field. They changed election laws making it harder to vote by mail. They paraded a bunch of people — Black people that they arrested for voting fraud and paraded them in front of national media. He created an election police. He also was very good in responding to hurricanes and other tragedies… he also invested and laser-focused on Miami-Dade.”

This is disgusting. CNN will attack anybody with lies and misinformation just to hurt the Republican Party. Everyone in America knows that DeSantis is one of the most popular Republicans in the country as of right now. Him winning by a landslide was no surprise.