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Trump In Danger, Hillary Exploits Coronavirus

Trump In Danger, Hillary Exploits Coronavirus


This woman is the devil!

One way or another, Hillary Clinton has once again figured out how to turn this international disaster into profit for herself and the Democrats.

According to Breitbart, Hillary Clinton is now demanding Congress “make voting by mail the norm” with “free postage” due to the coronavirus outbreak.

President Trump has noted that this outbreak could remain a national emergency until August and some changes might need to be made for the November election.


Movement for Hillary’s crooked plan is already growing with Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) suggesting the same thing and Republicans are suspicious.

Breitbart has also reported that several states currently allow voting by mail and Republicans have pointed out that these systems such as California’s are “vulnerable to fraud.”

In California, Democrats legalized a system called “ballot harvesting,” which allows unverified third parties to deliver each other’s ballots — effectively allowing party organizers to bring thousands of ballots to be counted.

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