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Biden Ditches American Hostages


Imagine how the media would react if the Trump Administration said this.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated on Sunday that both the United States and Israel are uncertain about the current status of the hostages taken by terrorists on October 7. President Biden and his administration does not know if these American hostages are alive or dead.

According to Fox, during his appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Sullivan emphasized that the U.S. is actively working to secure the release of nine U.S. citizens and one U.S. green card-holder believed to be held in Gaza. While Israel categorizes all 239 missing individuals as hostages, there is no confirmed information regarding how many of them are still alive.

Sullivan explained, “We do not have precise information about the number of hostages. We have the count of missing individuals, as provided by the Israelis, but we cannot confirm the status of their well-being.” He added, “From the U.S. perspective, there are nine missing American citizens and one missing legal permanent resident, a green card holder.”


Sullivan also mentioned his upcoming meetings with the families of the missing Americans to address their concerns.

Regarding claims by Gaza leaders that Israeli airstrikes have resulted in the deaths of some hostages taken on October 7, Sullivan cautioned against taking these claims at face value. However, he acknowledged that the U.S. lacks the means to either confirm or disprove these claims.

In the aftermath of the October 7 incident, Israel conducted numerous airstrikes and artillery attacks in northern Gaza. The Israeli Defense Forces subsequently initiated a ground operation in Gaza City, which is the region’s most densely populated area. Israeli authorities have suggested that some hostages might be held in the network of tunnels maintained by terrorist fighters beneath the city.

Radical Gaza leaders have reported a high number of casualties, claiming that Israel has killed over 11,000 Gazans since the conflict began. It’s important to note that Gaza does not distinguish between terrorists and civilians in its casualty figures. The U.S. has expressed its rejection of the data provided by the Gaza health ministry, which is under terroist control.