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Trump Calls For The Death Penalty Of Who?


Many Americans strongly agree with this.

In a recent campaign video posted on social media, former President Donald Trump made bold promises related to human trafficking and immigration if he were to be re-elected to the White House. Trump pledged to use Title 42, a public health order established during his administration, to address the child trafficking crisis by promptly returning trafficked children to their families in their home countries. Additionally, he vowed to push Congress to enforce the death penalty for anyone caught trafficking children across the U.S. border.

According to Fox, during his campaign, Trump emphasized his previous achievements in improving border security and criticized the Biden administration for allowing a surge of illegal immigration into the country. He asserted that, if he were to return to the White House, he would take immediate action to end the perceived border crisis and combat traffickers who exploit vulnerable women and children. Trump also drew parallels to his previous efforts in destroying the ISIS caliphate and pledged to confront cartels with a similar resolve.


Trump’s statements were made following a screening of the movie “Sound of Freedom” at his New Jersey golf course, a film that portrays the endeavors of former Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard in rescuing trafficked children. Although the movie achieved commercial success, some liberal media outlets associated it with the QAnon community, a right-wing group accused of subscribing to fringe conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, the film sparked important discussions about the prevalence of human trafficking and potential solutions to address the issue.

Trump highlighted his administration’s efforts in combatting human trafficking and modern-day slavery, mentioning relevant executive orders and legislation he signed, such as the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Re-authorization Act and the Abolish Human Trafficking Act. He expressed determination to continue the fight against human trafficking and uphold the dignity of human life.