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Psaki’s Past Gets Exposed


She didn’t expect this.

If you read our previous story, then you already know White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is leaving the White House to work for MSNBC.

Honestly, Americans cannot blame her either. Who wants to work for the Biden administration anyways?

However, now it appears that Jen Psaki’s past has just came back to bite her in the worst possible way.


According to Newsmax, Psaki recently agreed to work with MSNBC. Now, the people at MSNBC will likely be very unhappy to learn that Psaki was recently smearing them and all other cable news outlets as well by claiming that “cable news is dying.”

“The ratings are dwindling, right? And there‚Äôs dwindling readership as well of a lot of national newspapers,” Psaki said in Feburary.

Psaki further explained that she hoped that streaming platforms would soon become “a form for creating a range of content that is informative rather than driven by ratings and Democrats and Republicans yelling at each other on a set.”

Looks like Psaki may have signed up for just that.