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Speaker Johnson Chickens Out To Biden


Is Speaker Johnson not the Republican we initially thought he was?

Over the weekend, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed her frustrations with Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), highlighting her concerns about the slow progress of impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden under his leadership.

According to the Washington Examiner, in a post on X, Greene recalled a time when the previous Speaker was so committed to the idea of impeachment that they initiated an inquiry without the need for a floor vote. However, this Speaker faced criticism and eventual removal, resulting in the discovery of financial transactions involving Joe Biden and the uncovering of a significant money laundering scheme. Now, despite the expectation that the new Speaker would be more proactive, he appears to be reluctant to pursue impeachment, which Greene finds disappointing.

This statement from Greene comes after reports that Speaker Johnson informed centrist Republicans in a private meeting that there is insufficient evidence to immediately proceed with impeachment proceedings against President Biden. Instead, he advises a more measured approach to the investigation, emphasizing the importance of avoiding a predetermined outcome.

Speaker Johnson’s strategy differs from the more aggressive stance taken by many rank-and-file Republicans who are eager to push for Biden’s impeachment. This enthusiasm has grown, especially after the House Oversight Committee released bank records suggesting that Biden may have paid his brother $240,000 in two separate installments, each occurring shortly before James Biden wrote a corresponding check to his brother.

Concerns have been raised by Republicans on the committee, suggesting that these checks may indicate that Joe Biden personally benefited from his family’s private business dealings, despite his previous denials. The timing of the wire transfers implies that Joe Biden, through an account controlled by his attorneys, was owed the money that James Biden sent him.


However, Republicans dispute this claim, arguing that the records support their allegations that Biden profited from his family’s business activities. In response to this controversy, the Oversight Committee issued new subpoenas, compelling testimony from Hunter, James Biden, and several of Hunter’s associates.

Apart from these high-profile subpoenas, the progress of the Oversight investigation has received less attention, particularly after Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) expressed reluctance to hold further hearings.

Furthermore, the push for Biden’s impeachment appears to have waned, given recent polling data showing him trailing behind former President Donald Trump in key swing states. This was one of the reasons cited by Speaker Johnson in the closed-door meeting to justify a more deliberate approach to the inquiry, as reported by the Washington Post.

A recent national poll released by the New York Times revealed that Biden is trailing Trump in five out of the six most critical battleground states for the upcoming year. This has prompted Democrats to consider whether the 80-year-old president is the best candidate to lead their party’s ticket. In these six states, including Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, Biden lags behind Trump with an average of 48% to 44%.

However, the same poll indicated that when Biden is not part of the equation, a generic “Democratic candidate” could potentially turn the tide in favor of Democrats, transforming their deficit into an eight-point lead against Trump.