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Trump And Media Team Up, Biden’s DOJ Panics


What’s Biden’s DOJ trying to hide?

Attorneys representing former President Trump have voiced their support for media organizations’ request to allow cameras into his upcoming federal election fraud trial, as outlined in a filing submitted on Friday.

According to The Hill, they contend that permitting cameras in the courtroom is essential to shed light on what they perceive as an unjust treatment of Trump within the legal system and to provide the American public with an opportunity to observe the proceedings directly.

The attorneys stated, “President Trump seeks transparency. Every individual in the United States, and indeed, worldwide, should be afforded the chance to closely follow this case and witness, should a trial proceed, President Trump’s exoneration from these unfounded and politically motivated allegations.”

Trump has vehemently rejected and criticized the criminal charges, which accuse him of conspiring to subvert the 2020 election. The trial is scheduled for March.

Trump is aligning himself with a coalition of media outlets that earlier requested the presiding judge to permit the presence of cameras in the courtroom in early October.


President Biden’s Special counsel Jack Smith opposed this request last week, citing federal and local regulations that prohibit the televised coverage of trials of this nature.

The election fraud trial in Washington, D.C., holds a prominent position among the five upcoming trials for Trump, with four of them involving criminal cases.

A New York criminal case involving falsified documents is slated for a late March trial, while a federal case in Florida, alleging mishandling of classified documents, is set for trial in May.

The trial date for a Georgia election fraud case has yet to be established but is expected to commence in January at the earliest. Simultaneously, a separate civil trial in New York, relating to business fraud charges, is currently ongoing.

In the Washington election fraud case, Trump has contested a court-imposed partial gag order that restricts his public statements about the case and its witnesses.

In a filing submitted on Wednesday, his attorneys expressed objections to the order, noting, “President Trump has made numerous public statements about this case in the three months since his indictment, and yet the Department of Justice has provided no evidence of any ‘threats’ or ‘harassment’ directed at prosecutors, witnesses, or court staff during that time.”