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Pelosi’s Bad Start To 2022

Pelosi’s Bad Start To 2022

Is Pelosi doomed?

You may already know that political experts are predicting a red wave for the 2022 midterm elections. However, many people don’t understand how bad of a problem that will be for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Currently there are 23 Democrat House Representatives that are not seeking re-election in 2022 for several reasons.

What’s worse is that the Democratic infighting among moderates such as Joe Manchin and progressives such as AOC, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren just keeps getting worse.

Pelosi can’t get things under control and that spells big trouble for her speakership role.

If that wasn’t bad enough now Democrat issues are slowly getting leaked to the press.

Fox’s Chad Pergram recently wrote on Twitter, “Tensions between liberal and moderate Democrats are beginning to boil about the pace of the social spending bill and deciding what’s in and what’s out of the legislation.”

Adding, “‘It’s the effing progressives,’ said one moderate Democrat to Fox, accusing fellow Democrats of asking for “unreasonable things.” In retaliation, moderate, Democrats are starting to upbraid their left-wing colleagues in internecine battles.”