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What is Biden going to do now?

When President Biden came into office, one of his first decisions was to kill the Keystone XL pipeline. Not only did his moronic decision put thousands of Americans out of work who were building it, he screwed over America and made us depend COMPLETELY on OPEC to supply the United States with oil.

What’s even worse is that Biden is now begging OPEC to produce more oil so gas prices can come back down but OPEC doesn’t care and refuses to produce more oil.

Americans have been very concerned about what Biden is going to do to lower gas prices and now a new video from Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm appear to be much worse than expected.

Secretary Granholm was asked about her and Biden’s plan to lower gas prices and to everyone’s surprise Granholm actually LAUGHED and said that the hope of lowering gas prices was hilarious.

How on earth is Biden still in charge?!?


Granholm laughed and make it appear that the price of oil is out of the control of the United States. However, if Biden hadn’t killed the Keystone XL pipeline America wouldn’t be in this predicament!

If you were hoping for gas prices to come down, it looks like that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Image credit: CNBC