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Biden LIES Caught on Video

Biden LIES Caught on Video

President Biden must think Americans are stupid!

In a shocking turn of events, President Biden announced earlier today that families of illegal aliens who were separated that the U.S.-Mexico border during former President Donald Trump’s leadership “deserve” monetary compensation.

This comes as surprise to many, since just a few days ago Biden was asked if the White House will actually pay $450,000 to every illegal who were separated at the border and Biden responded saying that it was “not going to happen”.

Why did initially LIE to the American people?

According to the Gateway Pundit, during a press conference on Saturday regarding the passage of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, Biden changed his tune and claimed that he only said no to that specific amount, which was $450,000. Biden is still planning to give illegals monetary compensation for crossing the border.

Watch Biden lie: