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Lindsey Graham Makes INSANE Prediction

Here’s what he said.

Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed President Joe Biden with his latest prediction stating that he will try to “bribe” the Taliban to evacuate more Americans out of Afghanistan. This comes after the last evacuation plane left the country.

Graham said that the current administration is “economic aid” to the Taliban. He further stated that Biden is putting Americans “at risk” adding that it is “open season” for terrorist groups.

Graham said, “I think we’re going to try to bribe them out. I think we’re putting on the table — the Biden administration is — economic aid to the Taliban. If you’ll release the hostages, the Americans and the allies who fought along our side, we will give you money. That is a dangerous way to do business when it comes to terrorism, and if they start doing that, ISIS is going to turn on the Taliban even more ferociously.”

He also stated, “[I]f you start paying terrorists like the Taliban to get Americans out of Afghanistan or get our allies out of Afghanistan that fought along our side, you’re putting Americans at risk all over the world. Because it will be open season on Americans throughout the world by terrorist organizations.”


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