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Pence Knocks Some Sense Into Adam Schiff

Pence Knocks Some Sense Into Adam Schiff


Adam Schiff must have forgotten who he was talking to!

There are just some people you don’t mess with and the Vice President of the United States is one of those people.

Rep. Adam Schiff might have just learned that the hard way because according to Politico, Schiff has demanded that Mike Pence declassify his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky from Sept. 18th.

Well, Mike Pence didn’t take too kindly to that because shortly after the Vice President’s counsel stated that it, “serves no purpose“.


“At this point, the Intelligence Committee’s oversight authority is limited to those areas in which it may potentially legislate or appropriate,” Matthew Morgan, Pence’s attorney, wrote to Schiff.

“Your request, coming after the completion of your report, serves no legitimate legislative or impeachment inquiry purpose,” Morgan wrote.

Boom! Just like that Pence humiliates shifty Schiff reminding him just how small and insignificant he really is. Do you think Pence did the right thing here? Lets us know in the comments below…

Image credit: Salt Lake Tribune