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Tempers Flair As Trump’s Issues With Fox News Worsen

Tempers Flair As Trump’s Issues With Fox News Worsen


With CNN, MSNBC, ABC and a long list of other mainstream media giants all working against President Trump, he really needs Fox News in his corner.

However, sadly a handful of Fox News hosts aren’t letting that happen.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who has be leading the attacks against President Trump, just did it again! According to the Washington Examiner, Wallace decided to get smart with White House adviser Pam Bondi and asker her if Trump understood the meaning of a free and fair press.

“President Trump tweeted late yesterday that we, Fox News Sunday, should not even be doing an interview with James Comey or with Adam Schiff,” Wallace said during the interview.

“My question, Pam, is does the president understand that it’s the duty of a free and fair press to cover both sides of the story?” Wallace then asked.


“Of course, he does,” Bondi said, “Frankly, I’m going to disagree with the president right now, because I’m glad you had James Comey on because you caught him in multiple misrepresentations once again.”


Earlier this month Wallace stated Trump “is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history.”

Was Trump right to be upset over Fox News interviewing the very people who tried to sabotage his presidency? Let us know in the comments below…

Image credit: NBC News