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Russia Retaliates Against The U.S.


Could things be escalating?

In a shocking turn of events, several U.S. airports were taken offline temporarily on Monday morning after Russian-backed hacking group Killnet targeted them with several cyberattacks.

It is currently unclear if President Biden has addressed these attacks yet.

According to The Hill, major airports such as Atlanta and Los Angeles international along with 14 other airports had their websites attacked.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport said in a statement, “ATL’s website ( is up and running after an incident early this morning that made it inaccessible to the public. An investigation into the cause of the incident is underway. At no time were operations at the airport impacted.” 


This isn’t the first time Russian hacking group Killnet targeted the United States. Just last week President Biden was informed that Killnet knocked out a number of U.S. government websites as well in states such as Colorado, Mississippi and Kentucky.

The Russian hacking group also said in a message on Telegram they are planning to go after Florida, Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii and more states.

The group has also posted messages saying “USA OFFLINE” and “F— NATO” with photoshopped pictures of fire around the Statue of Liberty.

It is unclear if Russian President Vladimir Putin has directed this hacking group to target the United States or if they are just doing independently.

It has also not been revealed if President Biden is expected to address these issues or if he will just let the FBI and Department of Justice take care of it.