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Trouble On The Horizon For Midterm Elections


A lot of people are suspicious.

As we head closer to the midterm elections, a lot of voters forget that our elections depend on the work of thousands of temporary workers who are staffed at polling centers.

Now according to NPR, some officials are concerned that poll workers on both sides of the political spectrum may try to interfere with the voting process on November 8th.

The Bipartisan Policy Center said in a statement, “There is mounting concern that temporary election workers recruited and trained by organizations with nefarious intent may undermine security and trust in the election process. Since 2020, there have been several isolated incidents in which temporary election workers attempted to undermine election administration in pursuit of partisan goals.”


The Bipartisan Policy Center is now taking additional steps to ensure that workers who are both Democrat or Republican don’t do anything to influence the outcome of elections.

In attempt to curb any issues they are now working on better training for temporary workers, codes of conduct and oaths taken by staff, and will also work in teams for peer oversight.

America must have more election integrity. Pushing for election integrity has become an ugly battle with Democrats going as far as saying that things like voter ID is racist.

Additionally, mail-in voting is being heavily investigated by a number of states and the state of Delaware has found mail-in voting to be entirely unconstitutional.