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Trump Exposes Democrats


Nobody expected this.

During his most recent rally in Nevada, former President Donald Trump took aim at Democrat states that self-identify as sanctuary states and also Gov. Steve Sisolak for crime which as gone unchecked in Nevada.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Trump flamed Democrats and said, “Radical Democrats want to turn America into one giant sanctuary for dangerous criminal aliens. In the Republican Party, we believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding citizens who love our nation.

Trump then said that if America was ever going to be great again it needed to be safe first. Trump explained, “If we are going to make America great again, we have to make America safe again. It’s the only way.”

Trump then told the American people just how dangerous things have gotten for law abiding citizens who want to take care of their families.


“You can’t walk down a street in a Democrat-run city without being shot or mugged or knifed,” Trump explained. “Under Steve Sisolak, your crime-loving governor, and the radical left Democrats, the streets of our once-great cities are drenched in the blood of innocent victims. That’s what’s happening.”

Democrats have a lot of problems heading into the midterms. One major issue they will have to address is the unchecked crime which has surged to alarming new heights.

Trump then said, “All of these Democrat-run cities — and I would say just about all of them — much of the crime wave is caused by drug dealers who, during the course of their lives, will kill an average of 500 American citizens. I am calling for the death penalty for drug dealers and human traffickers, which will upon its passage reduce drug distribution and crime by — in my opinion — more than 75% on the first day.”

Several new polls have known that crime is a major issue for Americans. If you want crime to decrease in your state make sure you know up on election day November 8th and vote!