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Republican Party Flips On DeSantis


Get a load of this.

As we get closer to the next presidential election, the mainstream media is strongly speculating that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will run against Trump in 2024.

Now the mainstream media is pushing rumors that the Republican party secretly loathes Governor Ron DeSantis.

In a new hit piece by the Vanity Fair, the writers are alleging that the Republicans closest to DeSantis secretly despise him according to “numerous sources”.

They even went as far as saying that along with being cold and combative, DeSantis was also “a mix of extreme arrogance and painful awkwardness.”


It’s hilarious to see just how much work the liberals need to do in order to divide the Republican Party. They will use thousands of journalists in the mainstream media to cook up what ever rumors and lies they can feed unsuspecting Americans to vote their way.

Vanity Fair even found an “unnamed source” to claim that former President Donald Trump thinks “he’s overrated, disloyal, and a know-nothing.” The liberal media sure does have a lot of unnamed sources.

Then they found another “unnamed Republican strategist” and claimed that he said, “The biggest complaint you hear about DeSantis is that he never says thank you. People host events where donors give him enormous sums of money, and he never says thank you.”

Why are all of these sources unnamed? Something tells us that these liberal writers are just sitting in a room somewhere making up these quotes themselves and claiming that “unnamed Republican sources” are saying this.