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Biden Risks Lives Of U.S. Veterans


This is very troubling.

A group of three prominent U.S. veterans criticized the Biden administration on Friday for repeatedly failing to evacuate Americans during the ongoing Sudan crisis.

According to Newsmax, the founder of Project Dynamo, Bryan Stern, stated in an interview with the network that his organization’s private military contractors were ready to assist in evacuating around 16,000 Americans who are reportedly stuck in war-torn Sudan.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” alongside Mark Geist, the founder of Shadow Warriors Project, and Chad Robichaux, the founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation, Bryan Stern stated that Project Dynamo has been active for the past 18 months, operating in locations where the U.S. embassy has been closed and Americans have been left behind. Stern specifically mentioned Afghanistan and Ukraine, and now, Sudan.

“So, this pattern or tactic just sends such a terrible message not just to our people, but to the world, to say nothing of the fact of there are Americans stuck in a war zone in very terrible circumstances, and they don’t need to be there,” Stern explained.

Bryan Stern’s remarks came just a few days after the State Department released a security alert warning that the current unstable security situation in Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan, has forced the closure of the airport and made it impossible to evacuate Americans who are there privately.


As a result, thousands of individuals, mostly aid workers and Sudanese Americans, are still stranded in the country, even though the U.S. embassy had been evacuated the previous day with assistance from SEAL Team 6 and Army Special Forces.

Mark Geist, a member of the Annex Security Team during the Battle of Benghazi, accused the White House of downplaying the significance of Americans who are still stranded in Sudan by referring to them as “dual citizens.”

Geist declared that there are legal voters who are stuck and abandoned in a war-torn country, and the administration is not taking any action to assist or provide aid.

Chad Robichaux compared the current crisis in Sudan to the mishandled evacuation of Kabul, Afghanistan, in August 2021, which resulted in the evacuation of only 800 U.S. citizens over the course of the following year.

“We’ve abandoned Americans again,” he pointed out.