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Lindsey Graham Exposes Biden’s Secret

Lindsey Graham Exposes Biden’s Secret

This is not good news.

After privately meeting with former President Donald Trump, Senate Judiciary Committee member Lindsey Graham admitted that both men strongly believe Biden is an unfit leader who doesn’t know how to handle dealing with foreign leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Graham explained that Putin no longer is worried about what the United States will do with Biden in charge as Russia prepares for war with the Ukraine.

According to Fox, Graham warned, “The news conference was a disaster on multiple levels … [and] he’s been on the world stage, Joe Biden, for 40 years. He was in charge of the Ukraine portfolio under the Biden team, the Obama administration.”

Graham then explained that Trump was shocked by Biden’s negligence. He also noted that Putin sees Biden’s weaknesses which is why Russia and Ukraine are at the brink of war.

“Putin realizes that under Biden, he can invade Ukraine and get away with it,” Graham stated. “He realized that under Trump, he could not invade the Ukraine and get away with it.”

Graham then said, “But here’s what President Trump said to me today: Putin is realizing that Biden’s weak, but he doesn’t realize that Biden won’t be around in 2024 — so President Trump said today if they invade the Ukraine, the Russians will make it impossible for any future president to have a normal relationship with Russia, which I thought was a pretty damn wise observation.”