Monday, July 4, 2022
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[Video] Biden Lets Kamala Take Over

This is very strange.

In a very strange moment on camera, President Biden appears to have given Vice President Kamala Harris an excessive amount of praise by telling her that he loved her and much more.

The display of affections seems strange since President Biden has essentially shelved Kamala Harris by not giving her any real responsibilities since coming into office. Kamala has also been under fire with the White House after rumors leaked that she had turn the White House into a very toxic environment causing several aides and staff to quit.

Many Americans are suspicious now because they think that Biden could soon be stepping down and will make Kamala the President of the United States.

In the video, Biden can be heard saying, “Hi, Kamala. I love you! You always have my back. You’re really amazing. You’re the best partner I could imagine.

“I do,” Harris simply replied.


Currently tensions are at an all time high and it appears that President Biden is unable to stop a potential war between Russia and Ukraine. If a war does break out it could be the perfect time for Biden to step down.


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