Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Biden Corruption

Will Democrats investigate this like they investigated Trump?

Just when things couldn’t get more suspicious, it appears now that lobbying firms tied directly to President Biden and his administration appears to have recorded revenues in 2021 that were astronomically high compared to how much they traditionally made.

According to Politico, at Putala Strategies, which is run by Chris Putala who worked as a former aide for Biden successfully lobbied $4 million in 2021 when in the past at best Putala could only pull in $1.3 million. That is an increase of over 200%!

Brother of top Biden adviser Steve Ricchetti, Jeff Ricchetti, runs Ricchetti Inc. and saw his revenue climb as well. Ricchetti’s firm brought in $3.2 million from lobbying in 2021 which is a 150% gain from the previous year when Biden wasn’t in office.

Biden’s former vice presidential director of legislative affairs Sudafi Henry’s firm TheGROUP D.C., was able to successfully lobby $7.5 million in 2021. in 2020, TheGROUP D.C. was only able to lobby for $3.6 million.

It’s funny how all of these firms, which had direct ties to President Biden, were able to have such an impressive past year. Sadly, we all know the Democrats will easily look the other way when it comes to Biden’s corruption. Hopefully the Republicans will do something after the midterms.


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