Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Trump Does Biden’s Job

This speaks volumes.

As a war between Russia and Ukraine grows closer than ever, it has become clear not just to America but the rest of the world that President Biden cannot fulfill his duties and keep peace among other nations like many presidents have before him.

A war between Russia and Ukraine could lead to escalated tension across the world and no one knows just how bad it could get.

Now in an attempt to make things better, former President Donald Trump issued an open warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin through Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and told Putin that he will not have a “normal relationship” with future American presidents if he chooses to attack.

Trump knows Biden is useless he was forced to step in and warn Putin that he would not about the repercussions he would face after Biden is out of the White House.

According to the Washington Examiner, The warning by Trump came from his close ally Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham told Fox’s Sean Hannity, “He said Putin is realizing that Biden’s weak, but he doesn’t realize that Biden won’t be around in 2024. So President Trump said today if they invade Ukraine, the Russians, it will make it impossible for any future president to have a normal relationship with Russia.”

Graham then said, Trump’s comment “was a pretty damn wise observation.”


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