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China Makes Total Fool Of Biden Again


This is absolutely himiliating.

A top Chinese diplomat has called the response to the Chinese spy balloon being shot down off the coast of South Carolina “hysterical.”

Wang Yi, the director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Committee, reiterated during the annual Munich Security Conference that the balloon was an unmanned civilian airship with limited steering capabilities which had drifted off its course because of the wind.

He then added that China had requested the U.S. to handle the balloon “calmly and professionally,” but instead the Biden administration chose to disregard the Chinese statements that the balloon simply conducted meteorological research, and determined that the balloon was being used for surveillance. Wang said that was “absurd and hysterical.”


Wang also argued that the U.S.’ use of force to shoot down the balloon had violated international customary practice and that there were many balloons across the world. He then questioned whether U.S. officials were planning on shooting down all of them.

 He concluded that the U.S.’ decision to bring down the balloon showed weakness and not strength and that the U.S. now needed to intensify its approach in order to amend the relationship between the two countries.

Following the balloon being brought down there has been increased tension between the two counties. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Chinese counterpart also refused a phone call during the time when the balloon was still hovering over the U.S.

Blinken’s visit to Beijing which had been scheduled earlier in the month had also been postponed because of the incident.