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VIDEO: Violence Erupts On House Floor


This is madness!

After four long days of repeated voting to elect the new House Speaker, emotions bubbled over and Republican Rep.Mike Rogers from Alabama actually lunged at Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz who was preventing Kevin McCarthy from being the new House Speaker.

According to Fox, Rep. Rogers very aggressively ran up on Gaetz as he reached for him to say something. Lawmakers panicked watching Rogers act so aggressively and Rep. Richard Hudson quickly jumped in between the 2 men and pulled Rogers away caused quite a stir.

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reacted to the event and said, “Mike Rogers lost his temper and was basically going to, you know, put his hands on Matt. And it was actually Richard Hudson — grabbed Mike Rogers from behind and pulled him away.”

“So yeah, that was completely out of line. And then I’m sure it’ll be dealt with,” Greene added.