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US Athlete’s Plan To Shame America On World Stage

US Athlete’s Plan To Shame America On World Stage


If she doesn’t like this country, why is she even representing us?

If you thought Colin Kaepernick was bad get ready for the 2020 summer Olympics this July in Tokyo.

Now, US Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe who has made headlines in the past for kneeling during the national anthem is planning to once again pull her America-hating antics and humiliate us on a world stage.

According to the Daily Wire, Rapinoe lashed out at the International Olympic Committee on social media after they took proactive steps and banned any form of political protest during the Olympic event or ceremonies.

Rapinoe got on Twitter and Instagram and stated that she “will not be silenced.

So much for being done about the protests. So little being done about what we are protesting about. We will not be silenced,” Rapinoe wrote.

“We believe that the example we set by competing with the world’s best while living in harmony in the Olympic Village is a uniquely positive message to send to an increasingly divided world,” the IOC said, according to CBS News. “This is why it is important, on both a personal and a global level, that we keep the venues, the Olympic Village and the podium.”

They are not and must never be a platform to advance political or any other divisive ends,” IOC President Thomas Bach said. “Our political neutrality is undermined whenever organizations or individuals attempt to use the Olympic Games as a stage for their own agendas, as legitimate as they may be.”

Rapinoe’s actions raise some very important question. Is she actually pioneering for change? Or is she doing all of this for media attention and a Nike deal like Colin Kaepernick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: irishtimes