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Hypocrite Biden Caught Red Handed

The HYPOCRITE in chief is at it again!

Recently, President Biden and Dr. Fauci sounded the alarm on the new omicron variant and said cases of COVID-19 would spike if Americans traveled for the holiday season.

People in and out of Biden’s Administration even referred to it as a “viral blizzard” this winter and are trying to get Americans sheltered in their homes and want to keep them from going out. They believe cases will spike heavily for the next three to eight weeks.

However, funny enough even with all the warnings and fear President Biden is spreading across America, it appears that he still hasn’t canceled or changed his own holiday plans which will require travel.

According to Fox News, President Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if Biden is making any changes to his holiday plans and she said he was not changing his plans!

“We are going to continue to double down … on the steps and the approaches that we know have been effective to date,” Psaki stated. She then explained that Biden will use vaccines, booster shots, testing and masks to stay safe.

She further explained to reporters that White House experts haven’t recommended and travel changes to President Biden. “I would leave it to them to announce any changes –none that I anticipate at this point in time,” Psaki explained.

Once again President Biden and his administration have shown the American people that the rules don’t apply to them.