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Biden Caught Helping China?

Biden clearly doesn’t know what he is doing and China keeps winning off of his weakness. We need Trump back now!

A group of 17 top retired American military officials, has expressed reservations regarding President Biden’s ambitious push for electric vehicles (EVs), citing potential U.S. security implications. Directed by retired U.S. Army Major General James Marks, the officials addressed a letter to President Biden and EPA Administrator Michael Regan, cautioning against the increased dependence on China’s supply chains resulting from the widespread proliferation of EVs.

Emphasizing the importance of EVs in diversifying America’s transportation systems, the officials acknowledged concerns that the current plans might accelerate the transition without the necessary infrastructure. They argued that such an approach could make the U.S. overly dependent on China for crucial minerals, metal and manufacturing crucial for the envisioned growth of electric vehicle markets, potentially exposing the country to financial manipulations by the Chinese, similar to Russia’s actions with Ukrainian exports.

Specific apprehension was raised regarding the EPA’s proposed stringent tailpipe emissions standards, potentially resulting in a significant percentage of various vehicle types becoming electric by 2032. The officials criticized this as policymaking that could inadvertently favor China’s geopolitical advantages in the EV market.

Pointing out China’s dominance in EV component production, the officials highlighted that over 75% of lithium batteries, which are key components for electric vehicles, are manufactured in China. Moreover, more than half of the making and refining ability for critical minerals such as lithium, cobalt, and graphite is concentrated in China. The letter underscored the importance of addressing China’s planning in the Electric Vehicle industry before implementing regulations that might artificially stimulate EV demand.

The officials stressed that linking America’s economic and transportation stability to a country characterized as an economic ‘ticking time bomb’ could expose the U.S. to significant risks. The letter, endorsed by retired military figures including American Navy Admiral Robert Harward, Marine Corps Major General Mastin Robeson, Navy Rear Admiral James Carey, Air Force Major General Bentley Rayburn, and Air Force Lieutenant General E.G. Shuler, among others, aims to convey the importance of reconsidering strategies before forging ahead with the electrification plans.