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Biden MIA, Cancels Supply Chain Crisis Meeting

Here’s what we know…

The supply chain crisis is being felt by many people across the country and a lot of people are blaming President Biden for all of the issues.

According to Yahoo, CEO’s of major retailers such as Walmart, Target, and more met with President Biden to inform him that while the supply chain issues are still bad they seem to be slowly improving.

Strangely, President Biden then appointed the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to launch an inquiry into supply-chain disruptions because it appears that Biden feel suspicious about these major retailer’s tactics. The FTC also give nine major retailers up to 45 days to hand over private internal documents about the steps they took to ease the supply chain issues.

Biden the raised eyebrows when he decided to canceled his planned remarks on the struggling supply chain which had many on Capitol Hill very concerned.

Former White House Doctor Ronny Jackson believes the surprise cancelation was due to health concerns. Others thinks it’s something more serious and related to the economy but no information was given out after.

Users on twitter quickly responded to the surprising cancelation. One twitter page wrote, “Joe Biden abruptly canceled plans yesterday to address the supply chain crisis impacting millions of Americans across the country. He doesn’t want to face the reality that his presidency is a disaster.”

Another user wrote, “Biden apparently didn’t like what he was being told about his supply chain policies, including the rising costs of transporting goods to market! There’s no coherence to anything this administration is doing other than destruction!”