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Biden Caught Spreading Blatant LIE

He needs to resign at this point!

When he’s not destroying the American economy or contributing to rising gas prices, President Biden is often seen in front of camera telling the American people blatant lies and trying to get away with it.

It now appears that President Biden has once again lied and told the American people that he “used to drive” a tractor-trailer in his earlier days, a claim that the White House cannot prove true.

According to Fox News, Biden told the lie during his trip to Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota. Biden appears to be trying to convey to the American people that he comes from a blue collar background something which is a completely bald-faced lie.

“I used to drive a tractor-trailer,” Biden outrageously stated. “I know a little bit about big trucks.”

That’s not all, earlier this year President Biden said at a Mack Truck facility that he “used to drive an 18-wheeler.”

What’s hilarious about this story is that after reporters asked White House officials about these ridiculous claims, the White House pointed to an old news paper from December 1973 which reported that Biden RODE In someone’s 18-wheeler for a brief moment.