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Biden-Kamala Fight


This could get ugly.

It has just been revealed by Fox News that President Biden has refused to take regular lunches with his Vice President Kamala Harris even though he vowed that he would earlier in the week.

What’s even worse is that according to Fox, President Biden has only taken a lunch with Kamala two times in 2022. All of these discoveries were made after President Biden promised to have at least one lunch with Kamala per week to have better communication.


Regarding having more lunches together Biden said, “That’s the deal when we’re both in-country. Which we’ll be for a while because of COVID, and I see her all the time.”

Biden and Kamala relationship only appears to get getting worse overall. When entering his Presidency, Biden promised the American people that Kamala would have a central role in his White House. That promise has been anything but true. More people than expected have resigned from Kamala’s office and rumors of her creating a highly toxic workplace have run rampant in the media.

Kamala was also not listed as being a “close contact” to Biden when news broke that she contracted COVID-19. This means these two barely even see each other.