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Joe Biden Spares No Expense To Build A Wall Of His Own

This is quite insane.

If you read our story yesterday, then you already know President Biden is building a pricey $500,000 fence around his Delaware property.

Now more details are coming out about the fence and Americans are angrier than ever.

According to The List, President Biden has done his best to ignore the southern border and has let illegals to enter the United States at rates which were never before seen. Biden even went as far as vowing to stop building Trump’s border wall and quickly did so.

After learning about the decision to build his own personal wall at his home, Conservative commentator Brigitte Gabriel fired off on Biden and said that he “still won’t visit the border.”

“That would be humorous if our southern border wasn’t in such bad shape,” someone else said about Biden’s decision to build his own personal wall.

Other angry Americans decided to congratulate Biden on his decision to build a wall and said, “You’re welcome, Joe.”

The United States Secret Service still haven’t offered a proper explanation to justify the wall even after there was intense media blowback for the decision to do so.