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Prosecutor Says Trump Did What?


These lying cronies will say anything about Trump.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner attempted to gaslight the America people one again and claimed that former President Donald Trump is currently in “really dangerous territory” legally and that he may have even committed “treason.”

Democrats have been accusing Trump of committing crimes from the moment he became president and it looks like nothing has changed.

According to Newsweek, Trump is currently at the center of multiple investigations and as many know was raided by the FBI.


Kirschner discussed Trump’s current predicament and said, “Importantly, none of those three crimes require that the documents be classified. So Donald Trump forever carping about, ‘I thought these things were declassified,’ and so magically they were—that’s not a defense. It doesn’t matter.”

Kirschner then attempted to scare Republicans and said, “This is some really dangerous territory for Donald Trump.” He added that Trump “launched an armed attack on the Capitol to stop the peaceful transfer of presidential power.”

“Let’s not forget about that little crime that may actually amount to treason,” he added.

What Kirschner refuses to acknowledge however is just how much secrecy there is behind the raid of former President Donald Trump. Democrats have been blatantly open about their goal to stop Trump from running again and President Biden had Trump’s home raided by the FBI. Trump is Biden’s political rival and this raid was historically shocking and shouldn’t have taken place.