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Powerful Conservative Dumps Trump

Will this affect the GOP nomination?

As former President Donald Trump continues to hint running again in 2024, one popular conservative talk show host has lifted her endorsement of him completely.

According to Audacy, The Tara Show’s host Tara Servatius has lifted her endorsement of Trump because she accuses him of having poor judgement and it’s too-late for Trump to stop the Democrats in 2024.

Servatius believes that it’s time for someone else such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to take over for the Republican Party.

Servatius explained, “Trump failed absolutely and utterly to combat the voter fraud by the Democrats. He has failed in the years since. He has gotten absolutely nowhere on it except for… a few small things in Arizona and other places. They are gonna slap run him over, and the Republican leadership is gonna let them.”

She then said, “Whoever does it by themselves is going to have to combat these people going into the election, and I don’t trust Trump to do it because he’s already failed. But I’ve seen Ron DeSantis do it in Florida.”

Many Republicans are split between who they want to see run in 2024. Some still stand in solidarity with Trump while others believe it’s DeSantis’ time to shine.