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McConnell Comes To Trump’s Defense


Nobody expected this.

Former President Donald Trump’s biggest enemy in Congress, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, actually defended him following the bombshell document scandal caused by President Biden which has rocked the nation.

According to Newsmax, McConnell stated that President Biden’s Department of Justice must treat both of these investigations fairly in order to keep faith in the justice system.

“Both these guys ought to be treated exactly the same way,” McConnell shockingly said.

McConnell isn’t the only one who thinks the DOJ should be fair and impartial.


Republican Rep. Dan Meuser called out the justice system and said that President Biden is getting “every benefit of the doubt” when it comes to the DOJ. However, the FBI ruthlessly raided Donald Trump to get back documents which were stored securely.

Meuser added that with Biden they “just happen to be finding documents that were readily available for the last six years.”

McConnell later did say that AG Merrick Garland “did the right thing by having two special counsels” to investigate both Biden and Trump. “What’s good for one candidate for president ought to be good for another one,” McConnell added.

Strangely, the DOJ is giving President Biden a lot of leeway when it comes to his classified documents scandal. Hopefully more corruption isn’t going on behind the scenes.