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Trump’s Private Data Leaked

Things just keep getting worse.

House Democrats who are sitting on the tax-writing committee have just voted in a closed-door meeting to release six years of former President Trump’s tax returns!

According to The Hill, Democrats could now release Trump’s private tax information ranging from 2015 to 2020.

Before releasing Trump’s tax information the Ways and Means Committee will censor information such as Trump’s bank accounts and social security number.

Democrats have remained very secretive about what all is on Trump’s tax returns before making it public.

When asked about more information, Democrat and Ways and Means leader Richard Neal responded, “I think we need to leave that to the tax folks.”

Democrat Rep. Lloyd Doggett didn’t remain silent and attacked Trump saying, “Trump claimed tens of millions of dollars in losses and credits without the type of substantiation an ordinary taxpayer would likely provide. Donald Trump had big deductions, big credits, and big losses—but seldom a big tax bill.”

Doggett added, “Many questions about foreign entanglements and conflicts remain unanswered and unknown, unquestioned aspects of Trump’s returns show the need both for new Presidential audit legislation and a fairer tax system.”