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Top Democrat Loses Badly In Court


Democrats won’t get their way this time.

A federal judge has just ruled that Democrat Stacy Abrams’ organization cannot overturn Georgia’s election laws which she claimed violated constitutional rights.

According to the Washington Examiner, the judge knocked down Abrams’ lawsuit which was being fought over for a lengthy four-years.

After Abrams lost to Republican Governor Brian Kemp her organization “Fair Fight Georgia” was created and tasked with destroying election laws in the state of Georgia. Abrams is claiming that Georgia election laws suppresses voter turnout and must be changed.

However, sadly for Abrams, U.S. District Court Judge Steve Jones didn’t buy Abrams’ claims and ended her bogus lawsuit.


After knocking down Abrams’ lawsuit, Judge Jones explained, “Although Georgia’s election system is not perfect, the challenged practices violate neither the constitution nor the VRA. Having held a non-jury trial and considered the evidence and arguments of the parties, for the foregoing reasons, the Court finds IN FAVOR of Defendants and against Plaintiffs.”

Abrams erupted over the judges decision and wrote, “During this suit, more than 3,000 voters shared their stories, creating an unprecedented and lasting record of voter testimony, which highlighted the suppressive effects of the Secretary of State’s actions on vulnerable voters. As governor, I will expand the right to vote. I will defend minority voters, not bemoan their increased power or grow ‘frustrated’ by their success. This case demonstrates that the 2022 election will be a referendum on how our state treats its most marginalized voices.”

Abrams wants to be governor of the state of Georgia very badly. She is likely going to challenge Governor Kemp once again and thankfully the laws have not been changed heading into the next election.

President Biden has given Abrams major support in the upcoming gubernatorial Georgia election and former President Trump Donald Trump has been fighting with Republican Governor Brian Kemp since the 2020 presidential election.