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Pelosi Makes Shocking Confession

When will this nightmare end?!?

A bombshell story has just released that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was expected to retire for good in the near future, has just just announced that she is once again running for reelection in 2022 and could try and keep her leadership position.

This is a nightmare.

Speaker Pelosi will be 82-years-old next year and apparently doesn’t have any plans of quitting and will continue to torment the American people.

According to CNN, Pelosi is staying at least until the midterm elections and will run once again for re-election in her San Francisco district.

Additionally, insider sources have revealed to CNN that Pelosi had a recent change of heart and is looking to remain Speaker of the House even though she vowed to Americans that this would be her last time serving as the Speaker.

Her main goal will be to raise more money for the Democrats if she is able to maintain the Speakership role.