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VIDEO: Democrats Confess Failure


We tried to tell them.

Democrats single handed launched and attempted to enforce the “defund the police” movement and are now pretending that they had nothing to do with it after crime began to spike across America.

Now, it appears that while most of the Democrats continue to pretend that they weren’t responsible for rising crime, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has just admitted that it was indeed the left who was behind the issue.


In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Mayor Adams was shown a video of former NYPD commissioner William Bratton blaming the left for excessive crime in America.

Mayor Adams’ responded to Bratton’s comments and said, “Major mistakes made throughout the years that destroyed the trust that the police commissioner is talking about — we have to rebuild that trust. But we can’t rebuild that trust by allowing those who are dangerous and that have — they have a repeated history of violence to continue to be on our streets.”