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Trump Takes Over GOP


Trump means business.

It’s beginning to look like Trump is guaranteed to run again in 2024 because he just told Republicans who don’t have the same views as him to “probably” be afraid of him.

America desperately needs Trump back right now and it looks like he is willing to take charge again!

According to Insider, Trump made his new comment to Republicans during an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network’s “The 700 Club.” During the interview, host David Brody asked the former president how he thinks the midterms will play out.

“My record is unparalleled, my endorsements, it’s totally unparalleled. Nobody’s ever had a record like this. I’m almost unblemished,”┬áTrump said.


It’s important to remember that Trump is right, so far 42 of the 43 candidates he has endorsed has already won their primaries.

“Should Republicans be afraid of you, the ones that are not in line with you and your views?” Brody then asked.

“Well, if they want to win politically, probably,” Trump replied. “Because if I endorsed them, they win, and if I don’t endorse them, they don’t win. I mean, that’s almost 100% of the case.”

Republicans better fall in line, Trump looks like he is ready to put up a big fight in 2024. There is no more room for RINOs in the GOP.