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Governor BANS Children

Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

This could be a big move if it happens.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott who is frustrated with President Biden and his handling of the illegal immigrant crisis is now considering challenging a 1982 Supreme Court decision that forces all children whether they are illegal or not to be allowed public school admission.

Gov. Abbott is particularly concerned about the excessive costs that Texas has to pay because of just how many illegal children attend public schools in Texas.

According to US News, on Twitter Gov. Abbott pointed out the Supreme Court case which is “Google Plyler v. Doe,” and said, “5 liberals on the Supreme Court ruled that Texas had to provide and fund public education for illegal immigrants. The next decade, in Texas v. U. S., Federal courts rejected our lawsuit that the federal government should pay for that education cost.”

Right now however it is unclear if Gov. Abbott is actually serious or not about banning illegal immigrants from public schools and it appears that his team did not respond to other media sources after they reached out for comment.

Abbott appears to be worried about how Texas will continue to pay for educating illegal children if President Biden isn’t going to do anything to stop them from crossing the border.