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McCarthy Exposes Biden’s Darkest Secret


Biden is likely fuming about this right now.

On Friday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, raised questions about President Joe Biden’s use of executive powers in relation to Donald Trump. McCarthy suggested that Biden might be motivated by fear of losing the 2024 general election to the former president.

According to Newsmax, McCarthy shared his thoughts on social media the morning after Trump faced charges for allegedly attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 Georgia election. He pointed out the contrast in treatment between Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who, despite winning the popular vote, lost the 2016 election.

In his post on platform X, McCarthy asked why Biden would employ government power to target Trump, his primary political opponent. He questioned whether this action stemmed from a fear of losing to Trump. McCarthy also highlighted that no indictment was pursued against Hillary Clinton, who continues to assert that the election was stolen from her.

Accompanying the post was a short video of McCarthy addressing a crowd in Syracuse, New York, on Thursday. In the video, McCarthy questioned Biden’s motives for pursuing his political opponent and inquired whether it was due to fear or Trump’s lead in the polls. He drew a comparison to Hillary Clinton’s situation, where no indictment was pursued despite her claims of a stolen election that had been disproven.


McCarthy also mentioned the recent indictment of President Trump in Georgia and the lack of consequences for Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams, who similarly claimed a stolen election in a previous gubernatorial race.

He concluded by suggesting that there appear to be two sets of laws within the Department of Justice: one for the Biden family and another for everyone else.

This tweet from McCarthy in support of Trump coincided with a period of tension among House conservatives regarding a stopgap spending bill. The House Freedom Caucus declared their opposition to any funding bill that didn’t address border policy measures and concerns about the Department of Justice and certain military policies deemed “woke.”

Concerns have been raised among House Republicans about potential party divisions leading to bipartisan cooperation in passing the continuing resolution before the deadline to prevent a government shutdown, as reported by Axios last week.