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McCarthy Exposes Biden’s Lies

The GOP isn’t playing around.

In one of his most straight forward attacks yet, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy took a brazen shot at President Biden and his Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas while he was visiting the southern border with a group of other Republicans.

According to The Hill, McCarthy heavily criticized Mayorkas who the Republicans are currently trying to impeach told him to stop lying saying, “This has got to stop. And it starts with the Secretary of Homeland. Stop lying to the American public. Tell them the truth what’s happening, and change back the regulation that we had before so our border can be secure.” 

While McCarthy did not specifically point out what he thought Mayorkas was lying about, it doesn’t take a genius since Mayorkas has been saying the border is secure from the very first day he took office.

Republicans are demanding President Biden and the Democrats give border patrol “operational control” of the southern border so they can do their jobs and secure it.

“What has changed from President Trump to President Biden? There has been no legislation change, but why has the border — why has this region gone from 66,000 people come across to 250,000?” McCarthy asked.

McCarthy also talked about what Biden is putting American ranchers through as well saying, “His family has found 14 dead bodies on his ranch in just the last couple years. Those are human bodies. He tells the story of his grandson smelling the body. That is different from a dead cow.”

He added, “Why is that happening? Because the administration’s policies that is allowing it to happen. When you look at the gaps in the wall. Why are they there? Why are these lights wired but not working? Because we got a new president that said to stop it. We paid for the metal to go up but it’s stored far away. There’s gaps that allow it to come in. That’s wrong.”