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Biden Aims To Kill WHAT Now?

Biden Aims To Kill WHAT Now?


At this point it looks like Biden is trying to destroy the country.

If you thought the Biden administration couldn’t screw this country up any more, it appears you were wrong. It now is being reported that President Biden and those in his administration are considering shutting down an oil pipeline in Michigan.

This decision will lead to even higher gas prices and could cause thousands of Americans, if not more, to be stuck without any heat heading into winter.

Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is already preparing Americans ahead of this foolish decision by telling CNN, “Yeah, this is going to happen. [heating prices] will be more expensive this year than last year.”


According to Fox News, Biden is aiming to shut down Line 5, which is part of a network that transports crude oil and other petroleum products from western Canada. Line 5 moved around 540,000 barrels per day.

Jason Hayes, who is a director of environmental policy, slammed President Biden and said that he was “divorced from reality.”

It appears that Biden and the Democrats want to radically shift America off of its dependence of oil and gas and switch to solar panels and wind turbines. However, Hayes reminded the media that even solar panels and wind turbines need “oil, natural gas, nuclear and even coal” to even be produced.

If Biden kills Line 5 many Americans won’t be able to get natural gas or the electricity it provides to heat their homes this winter.