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U.S. Southern Border Breached, Agents Attacked


Welcome to Biden’s America!

Thanks to President Biden, a very large group of illegals aliens crossed over the U.S. border carrying a massive Venezuelan flag and actually attacked border patrol agents before they were eventually pushed back into the river.

Everyday, President Biden is putting the lives of our border patrol agents at risk and the Democrats don’t care!

According to Fox, the incident, some of which was caught on video, shows a massive group of Venezuelan migrants crossing into El Paso, Texas, as they proudly waved their country’s flag.


The agents shot pepper balls at the migrants until they were able to finally be pushed back into the river. President Biden and the Democrats have our border patrol agents fighting like they are in the next Marvel movie or something.


Following the incident, border patrol released a statement and explained, “These measures included the use of the authorized less-lethal force pepperball launching system. The crowd then dispersed and returned to Mexico.”

President Biden and the Democrats need to do something to stop this issue from happening. He has appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to fix the border however it has only gotten worse since Trump left office.