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Clinton Begs Trump For Money


This is absolutely insane.

Failed 2016 presidential candidate and Democrat Hillary Clinton is now actually asking former President Donald Trump to pay her legal fees regarding a lawsuit he filed against her for the Russian collusion lies.

Can you believe that? Hillary is actually asking Trump for money to defend herself for attacks she made against him. Crazy.

According to The Hill, Clinton filed a motion in federal court saying that Trump’s lawsuit against Hillary Clinton was nothing more than a “political stunt” and she deserves to have her legal fees covered.


Clinton’s lawyers told the court, “A reasonable attorney would never have filed this suit, let alone continued to prosecute it after multiple Defendants’ motions to dismiss highlighted its fundamental and incurable defects.”

In March, Trump filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan and a number of other people as well for what Trump alleged was an attempt to sabotage his 2016 run by tying him to Russia.

Trump’s attorney’s fired back at Clinton and said, “This motion, conveniently filed one week prior to election day, is nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to score political points. This motion is particularly inappropriate, given that the our client’s case will soon be reviewed by the Eleventh Circuit. We will oppose this motion and trust that the Court will see through this ruse.”

Hillary plays some disgusting games but this is just pathetic.