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Pelosi Chased Out Of Church?

Pelosi Chased Out Of Church?

Here’s what happened…

News recently broke that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was forced to flee from the Rome Catholic church after she was heckled about her stance on abortion which is clearly against her Catholic faith.

Speaker Pelosi and her representatives all denied that Pelosi was forced to flee due to heckling from the church mid-service however newly released video proves the contrary!

In transcript provided by the Gateway Pundit, during the video the priest can be heard saying, “You probably heard or saw the commotion. Unfortunately, uh, there was, I guess a security issue, and sadly Speaker Pelosi and her husband had to leave. She was going to do our second reading today. But, um, of course her safety is the most important.


Now, Pelosi’s team is saying that Pelosi wasn’t heckled and that she was forced to evacuate the area due to anti-vaccine protestors. However, Epoch Times Rome reporter Bree A. Dail noted that those protests were happening miles away from where Speaker Pelosi was and it wouldn’t make any sense for Pelosi to be evacuated from a protest so far away.

The incident happened after Speaker Pelosi met with Pope Francis earlier in the morning.