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Jill Biden Attacks Trump


Does Joe Biden need his wife to fight his battles too now?

On Monday, Jill Biden conveyed a cautionary message to Democratic donors about the upcoming 2024 election. She emphasized the pivotal decision that lies ahead, contrasting the “strong and unwavering leadership” offered by President Joe Biden with what she characterized as the undesirable qualities of “MAGA Republicans,” including chaos, corruption, and the promotion of hatred and division.

According to Newsmax, during her inaugural independent appearance of the 2024 campaign, the First Lady addressed the federal indictment of former President Donald Trump, a topic that her husband has intentionally refrained from discussing.

Voicing her astonishment, Jill Biden shared her observation that despite the indictment, former President Donald Trump had not witnessed a decline in support from his party. Ahead of his court appearance in Florida scheduled for Tuesday, the First Lady, who was delivering her remarks in New York City, mentioned a headline she came across before her flight landed. The headline indicated that a majority of Republicans, as revealed in a poll, expressed their intention to continue supporting Trump through their votes.

“They don’t care about the indictment. So that’s a little shocking, I think,” Jill Biden shockingly said.


Following an arduous six-day journey abroad, the First Lady embarked on a campaign tour across the East and West coasts. During her addresses, she occasionally adopted a somber tone as she reflected on former President Trump’s tenure and emphasized the significance of the upcoming election, stating, “We must not revert to those troubling times.

While the 2024 election, in which President Biden seeks reelection, is still over a year away, supporting his bid for a second term remains a paramount objective for the First Lady. In addition to her role as a community college English professor, she is currently focusing on this priority, particularly now that the summer break has commenced.

Similar to her involvement in the 2020 and 2022 campaigns, Jill Biden will play an active role in the 2024 election cycle. Her efforts will primarily revolve around assisting the Democratic Party in strengthening its resources and infrastructure. Additionally, she will take on the crucial task of reminding supporters about the significance of the upcoming election and the critical issues at stake.

The First Lady delivered a stark message on Monday during a gathering of approximately 50 donors at an apartment located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. She urged them to reflect upon the state of affairs three years ago, prompting them to consider the progress made since then.

Jill stated, “We know what’s in store with the MAGA Republicans. We just know it, right? We know because we’ve lived it. We’ve seen it. We know what it’s like to see U.S. policy tweeted out in late-night tweet-storms.”