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President Biden Caught Tricking Voters


Biden keeps lying us.

Numerous individuals on social media criticized President Biden following a post from his official account, formerly on Twitter but now on X, where he promoted “Bidenomics” and highlighted the positive impact of his economic strategies on the nation. In the message shared on Tuesday, Biden asserted that his policies have led to economic growth and reduced expenses for American families.

According to Fox however, a considerable number of users on the social media platform rebuked Biden’s assertion, contending that “nothing is costing less” and expressing dissatisfaction with the depletion of their savings.

On Tuesday, Biden, or a member of his team, uploaded an image of the president accompanied by a quote attributed to him, praising the achievements of “Bidenomics.” The quote emphasized the approach of fostering economic growth from the middle and bottom tiers while diminishing costs for hardworking families through prudent investments in the United States.


The post drew a swarm of responses from users who believed it disregarded the economic hardships that many Americans are presently grappling with. Paul Szypula, a former GOP U.S. Senate candidate, strongly criticized the post, asserting that the claim of “lowering costs for hardworking families” is unsubstantiated due to the increased inflation, resulting in prices rising approximately 17% higher than during the previous administration.

Podcast host Ryan Knight denounced Biden’s post as an instance of gaslighting. “Witchy Chick,” a conservative account, adamantly asserted that practically nothing is experiencing reduced costs. Investor and podcaster “The Wolf of All Streets” dismissed Biden’s assertion, emphasizing that mere verbal statements do not equate to truth.

A discontented user named “tracer” shared personal economic difficulties, contradicting the president’s assertions. He revealed his dwindling savings, escalating grocery expenses, and the possibility of needing to stay at his mother’s house a few nights a week to afford commuting to work.

The Biden administration has not only encountered criticism from political adversaries for presenting “Bidenomics” as a successful policy but has also faced scrutiny from mainstream media. CNN anchor Victor Blackwell confronted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the positive economic narrative. Blackwell referred to polling data indicating that a significant portion of the population views the economy and inflation negatively. He inquired about the risks of linking the president’s name with economic circumstances that many Americans find unfavorable, particularly as elections draw closer. Jean-Pierre maintained that “Bidenomics” is effective despite these concerns.